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September 4: Our appeals are filed with the Estes Valley Planning Commission, the Larimer County Commissioners and the Estes Valley Board of Adjustment. Each organization has 60 days in which to consider the appeal. We don't know in which order the appeals will be considered or the timing. We have been told that the County Commissioners will provide us with a minimum of 15 days notice of their hearing. Please go to Appeal and Appeal Appendix if you'd like to read these documents..

August 30: We have accumulated 450 names of local citizens opposed to the coaster project. Their names are listed in the site's Who We Are page and will be published in local newspapers as we proceed with our appeals. If you would like your name added to this list, please e-mail jgr3117@live.com.

August 28: Several of our group offered comments opposing the project at today's Town Board neeting. Our efforts to persuade trustees to vote to put a hold on the project and demand referral to an independent review panel unfortunately failed. At the same time, several trustees have made it clear that they have serious doubts about this project and the way it has been handled by town staff. Their support can be very useful to us as the appeals process goes forward.

August 22: Channel 4 (CBS News) interview of two of our EPCATS committee members - Graham Russell and Biff Baird. Biff Baird spoke at some length at our August 14th Town Board Meeting.

August 15: Arrangements made to accept donations to support appeal efforts via GoFundMe and with a trust fund at a local attorney's office

August 15: Arrangements made to hold follow-up public meeting at Good Sam at 6:30, Wednesday, August 22. PLEASE BE THERE!

August 14: Town Board Trustee Meeting: members of our group and other supporters repeat our opposition to this project and the dubious way in which it is being handled at Town Board meeting. Trustees agree to shcedule the topic for discussion at next Town meeting on August 28

August 10: Estes Park News publishes a list of EPCATS supporters numbering well over 300 people - same list as you see on this web site in the "Who We Are" page

August 7: our group retains outside legal counsel and commences preparations for the appeal process, which will likely invole separate appeals to three or possibly four different bodies, including the Larime rCounty Commissioners and the Estes Valley Planning Commission

August 6: Town gives conditional approval for project go-ahead.

July 25: Walker submits revised application statement with various changes to project specifications

July 18: our group holds public meeting at Good Sam which attracts over 100 supporters and numerous offers of help

July 10: numerous members of our group protest the project to the Town Board meeting, requesting trustees to put a hold on the project approval process and to insist the planning group hold a meeting with us to let us ask questions, air our concerns. Mayor Jirsa flat out rejects these requests, insisting the trustees hold no jurisdiction over the matter.

July 8: our group finalizes its rebuttal to the Town’s FAQ paper and distributes to trustees (See FAQ).

July 6: Town management advises project approval delayed again. We don’t know how long or why.

July 5: Cody walker backs out of July 6 meeting saying he is “needed at tomorrow’s rodeo”. When asked to request town management to put a hold on the project approval process until we can meet with him, he tells us he cannot interfere with town management’s activities.

July 5: Town management issues an FAQ paper offering its interpretation of the development code and justifying its refusal to allow a review by the EVPC.

July 3: Cody Walker agrees to meet with some of our group on July 6 to discuss the project.

End June/First Week July: Large number of messages sent from all over the Estes Valley to Town Trustees urging them to fulfill their responsibilities and demand an opportunity for public comment before Town management approves project. Trustees’ response: “Nothing to do with us; project is outside town perimeter”. Another WRONG judgment and an abrogation of their responsibilities as elected officials.

June 30: our group holds emergency meeting to expedite action plans.

June 29: Town management informs EVPC members and other interested parties that, contrary to earlier assertions (see above), project may now be approved as soon as “the end of next week” (July 6). No reasons given for change in timeline.

Mid- June: Town Community Development Director advises approval process will take as much as several months while reviews are conducted by various Larimer County agencies and requirements not covered in the original application are addressed.

June 25: Our group holds its first meeting to develop a coordinated strategy to fight project

End May/Early June: Project comes to the attention of the Estes Valley Planning Commission (EVPC), which typically conducts initial review of major development projects. However, we are told by the Town Administrator there will be no EVPC review because the project parameters fail to meet the minimum criteria. We believe the Town’s judgment on this is WRONG.

April 18, 2018: Cody Walker files a Statement of Intent on April 18th, 2018. For project outline and current details, go to https://www.colorado.gov/townofestespark/currentapplications and click on Mountain Coaster. The amount of engineering design work and studies conducted show the project had been in the works for several months before the filing.

-> Click. All documents and filings under "Mountain Coaster"